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miércoles, 9 de diciembre de 2009

Varios: Sudamérica Electrónica 2 [suda 0002] Compilación Iberoamericana DVD+CD (2008)

DVD + CD - Sudamerica Electronica
Sudamerica Electronica, a new label based in Cordoba Argentina, articulates most of its research around the concept of 'extreme noise and extreme nature', enchantments that, in the DVD - this is a double release which also includes a CD - convey the experimental sense of radical and contemporary frequencies through audio-video iterations. Inspired by an approach that we could call geographic and anthropological, the union of a certain Latino warmth and ethereal immateriality, intrinsic to these digital sounds, is very fruitful and intense. The artists, who are all members of a collaborative electronica, audiovisual, multimedia and poetry project, were selected by Jorge Castro for the DVD section and by Jorge Haro for the audio section. Among those involved are Brian Mackern, Cesar Gabriel Castillo, Nad Spiro and Vitor Joaquim. Overall, minimal sequences, noise, ambient and drone music come together with more industrial sounds and electro-acoustic influences: these are the themes, developed with skill, accuracy and coherence.

Aurelio Cianciotta

[suda 0002] Compilación Iberoamericana DVD+CD (2008)

Jazznoize [España] Tag Magic’s Visual Circus [España] Brian Mackern [Uruguay] Jorge Haro [Argentina] Jorge Castro (aka Fisternni) [Argentina] Marcello Mercado [Argentina] Margarita Paksa [Argentina] Gabriel Castillo Agüero [Perú] Rolando Apolo [Perú] Christian Galarreta+Arcángel Constantini [Perú/México] Chiste [Chile] Juan Reyes+Sebastián Mealla [Colombia/Argentina]

Ferran Fages [España] Christian Proaño [Ecuador] Nicolás Varchausky [Argentina] Druhb [España] Nad Spiro [España] Yamil Burguener [Argentina] Vitor Joaquim [Portugal] Rogelio Sosa [México] Rubén García [España] Leonel Kaplan+Ricardo Arias [Argentina/Colombia] Emiliano Hernández-Santana [Venezuela] Durán Vázquez [España] @c [Portugal] Christian Dergarabedian [Argentina] Livio Tragtenberg [Brasil]

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